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The client acknowledges that they are requesting an Icon Rocklear application to their auto/boat/other unit.

Client Name:


A copy of this agreement, executed by the dealer and client, must be forwarded to the licensor effecting the application.
The client agrees to let the dealer know to the best of their knowledge if the auto/boat/unit has had any previous paint, sealants, protections, or previous coatings
Icon Rocklear FL. is collecting this information for the purpose of effecting this agreement on behalf of Icon rocker Inc. A copy of this information will be held by Icon
Rocklear FL.
All information will be held on file for a period as required by law along with applicable private policy law.
This agreement does not cover property damage, personal injury, or any other coverage other than that which is implied by this agreement. The
service provided in this agreement does not supersede, or duplicate any of the seller dealer warranties.


I authorize Icon Rocklear FL, its representatives, and the dealership to exchange my personal info to effect the terms of this agreement.
I agree that I have read and understood the terms of this two page agreement and agree to be bound by said terms.

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Authorized Representative:

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Client acknowledges receipt of copy of agreement. Initial:


  1. This guarantee subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement herein.
  2. If the client has paid all applicable fees and taxes Icon Rocklear Inc. guarantees that the Icon Rocklear will protect the vehicle/boat or unit’s finish to which it has been applied, whether in part or whole, subject warranty terms duration as denoted as Schedule “A”.
  3. The guarantee is only valid when Icon Rocklear is applied in a licenced facility and by an Icon Rocklear FL. trained


4. Icon Rocklear coating must be inspected within 12 months of application. This inspection is the sole responsibility of
the client. The client is responsible for amount charged (if there is) by the installation location to inspect the unit.


1. This agreement is valid only if;

a) The Icon Rocklear coating was sold by an authorized dealer, licencee or
b) The dealer and or licencee agree that the paint and/or gel coat are in good
condition and suitable for application and is only applied to auto/road units
and gel coat
c) The Icon Rocklear application is applied by a certified application technician
and in a certified facility.
d) Icon Rocklear is not responsible for repair or damage/flaws caused by:
1. Damage to the Icon Rocklear coating
2. Stone Chips
3. Collision
4. Fire

5. Willful damage
6. Negligent or unlawful behaviour
7. Spinning brush equipped car washes
8. Handheld car washes
9. Automatic car washes
10. Repainted or repaired panels
11. Accessories added post application
12. Coming in contact with acid, heavy chemicals, fuels, bleach, paint,
inks, dyes, oil, corrosive materials, or any other substance deemed
harmful to the Icon Rocklear coating
13. Dust particles and/or dirt debris
14. Because of Icon Rocklear’s protective component/materials and
depth, the appearance may differ slightly from factory finishes

Icon Rocklear FL has received a copy of this agreement within thirty (45) days of application.

  • Warranty is not applicable to previously painted and/or blended surfaces.
  • Warranty is not applicable when Icon Rocklear is applied over other manufacturers coatings.

The Client Must Advise if:

(not applicable in the case of new units unless:)

1. Paint body work or gel coat repair has been applied to the unit within 60 days of application.
2. Paint sealants, protective coatings or any other applications have been applied to the unit.

Icon Rocklear Inc. is not responsible for damage or flaws to these items:

1. Vinyl trim          2. Glass          3. Chrome          4. Headlamps/ covers          5. Aluminum and or metal parts          6. Rubber parts

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